Where's the savings?

Software application

TOTAL Fleet Management

Direct Savings

It is very easy to distinguish savings. If we add up what it means to have centralized fleet management in a single application (where we collect all the information, grouping all the homogeneous costs, indiscriminately from their geographical location), with the fact that a single supplier offers all this at a low cost and a single quality standard, we have the philosophy FLEET SMART REPAIR.

Savings in time
optimized cost management

Fleet Smart Repair is formed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Fleet Management, Control, Expertise and Aesthetic Restoration. With bases and mobile units in the most important cities of the country, FLEET SMART REPAIR can manage the COMPLETE CYCLE of life of Fleet vehicles: from the sale or rental by the Manufacturer / Leasing and Renting Companies, to Remarketing, Buy-Back and Live Fleet.

APP for damage management and control
at no cost to all our customers

Expertise Step 1

Damage assessment with your graphic document, directly incorporated in the APP in a simple and fast way.

Valuation Step 2

Valuation of damages with updated costs. In this step, the repair of the damaged parts is authorized.

Control Step 3

Control and management of fleet repairs, reporting and statistics in the cloud.

Some of our Clients

  • SIXT
  • AVIS
  • ALD Automotive
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